Fix Your Money Mindset

Change Your Relationship with Money and Become a Money Magnet

There is no denying your skills and the fact that you help people improve their lives.
But why are you afraid to charge properly for this?
Why aren't you comfortable asking for the sale?
Let's Fix This!


* Can you think your way to more money?
* Does the Law of Attraction really work?
* Is manifesting money for Christians?
* Could your fear of succeeding be getting in your way of making more money?
* Does increased pricing mean you have to work harder?
* Learn how and why the experts charge what they do.

Course Summary

A webinar replay - Learn how to go from working for free and underpricing your services to asking for top dollar.

Course Curriculum

Nerissa Golden

Nerissa is an award-winning author, business and media strategist and founder of Naji. As an entrepreneur and content creator she is passionate about teaching people how to leverage their skills and passions to generate multiple streams of income.

For more than 20 years, Nerissa has helped entrepreneurs across the globe through conferences, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to build businesses that thrive. Based on the island of Montserrat, her company, Goldenmedia LLC develops digital and traditional communication solutions for international clients who want to connect with their ideal customer and target group.

A journalist and international speaker, Nerissa is the author of eight books including Amazon Bestsellers Ordained for This!, Start, Grow, Thrive – Build a Business That Lasts and The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth.

She has received awards for her work as one of the Caribbean’s strongest advocates for innovation in entrepreneurship and technology. Nerissa is a certified facilitator for the World Bank’s Women’s Innovation Network of the Caribbean (WINC) Accelerated Program and a 2016 PitchIT Caribbean winner.

Ruth Taylor

Author and Writing Coach

Her "Fix Your Money Mindset" webinar was quite transformative. I got a huge mental breakthrough. Thanks Nerissa.

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